An alumnus of the prestigious Florida Institute of Technology, USA, Akshay Kashyap is a Managing Director of Greenfuel Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He is a seasoned professional with more than two decades of experience in clean mobility energy solutions. He is passionate about manufacturing low-emissions power alternatives that put India on track to reaching its goal of net zero emissions by 2070. He has successfully established Greenfuel EnergySolutions Pvt. Ltd as India’s leading B2B single-stop clean mobility solutions provider across Hydrogen,Lithium-ion batteries, CNG, and LNG verticals while expanding its presence globally.

Mr. Akshay Kashyap holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. In his career spanning over two decades, he successfully worked for Swagelok Company USA, which is a 1.1 billion Dollar Group headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. There he worked for 3 years and performed various roles in Compliance Engineering and Technical customer service for various International Markets. In India, from 2004-2006 he worked for Delhi Fluid systems Pvt. Ltd.
selling Swagelok components in India as Business Development Manager where he was instrumental in getting key accounts in automotive companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and oil and Gas.

In 2006 October, he started his Entrepreneurial venture, Greenfuel Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. with a vision to achieve net zero emissions by empowering clean mobility solutions.

His efforts have been recognized by several leading media and industry platforms and ands mention in India Today’s ‘Make in India’ Emerging Entrepreneur award, ‘Green Automotive Entrepreneur of the Year Award’ at Zee Auto Awards, among others. Recently, Mr. Kashyap has been appointed as a Vice President of Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV) to accelerate the growth of the EV market across India.

Akshay Kashyap belongs to a family of entrepreneurs and the family was famous for starting the “Globe” brand for Geometry boxes which became the benchmark in India for stationary equipment. Akshay has a passion for creating new ventures with the same legacy of excellence and in his free time enjoys playing golf and scuba diving. Akshay is an avid Yoga and Meditation practitioner and follows the principles of “Vedanta” as both spiritual and business philosophy.