GF51LFP002 | LCVs Battery

Experience the resilience of GREENFUEL batteries, uniquely crafted for two wheelers. Power up your ride with efficient and limitless performance.

Greenfuel, being an enabler in electric mobility proudly presents our newest offering in 3 wheeler segment in form of 10kWh battery pack. This pack is designed for the harsh and abusive conditions applicable to 3W. With segment best safety features, energy density and state of the art thermal engineering, this battery pack offers the best performance and TCO. Equipped with advanced features like crash detection, redundant safety mechanisms, heater control, master/ slave adaptability and many more; the pack can be integrated in various architectures to ensure high efficiency. Needless to say, the battery pack is compliant to industry standards in terms of both safety and performance. Designed and developed with singular focus of being the ‘workhorse’, this battery pack will drive all the way.


  • Long cycle life and NMC chemistry delivering high energy density
  • Flexibility in battery pack placement due to lower height: under the driver seat or under the cargo
  • Capable to withstand side impact, drop and top loading
  • High accuracy in voltage, current measurement
  • Accuracy in SOC estimation > 98%
  • Service friendly design, allows easy access to electronic and electro-mechanical components
  • 100% Automotive qualified components
  • Thermal management to ensure battery operation at controlled temperature
  • 3+ years data and event storage locally at BMS level
  • Environmental compliance as per ISO 16750
  • UN38.3, AIS-156 & AIS-004 certified
  • Supports up to 15 kW peak power
  • <2500+ cycle life under normal operating conditions
  • Inbuilt pre-charge supported up to 10mF of DC-link capacitance
  • Short circuit protection capability up to 4000A
  • Rugged design: IP67.
  • Minimal self-discharge of < 2% per month, longer shelf life
  • Wide operating temperature range makes it suitable for different terrains and environments
Battery Capacity 10 Kwh
Battery Type Li-ion
Chemistry LFP
Cell Package Type Prismatic
Capacity 200 Ah
Operation DOD range 90
Nominal voltage 51.2V
Voltage Range 40V – 59.2V
Rated Charging Current (standard) 0.5C
Peak Charging Current 2C
Rated Discharge Current 0.5C
Peak Discharge Current 2C for 10 Sec
Communication Interface/Protocol CAN2.0A/B, BLE
Operating ambient temperature – Charging 0 to 50°C (cell temperature)
Operating ambient temperature – Discharging 0 to 55°C (cell temperature)
Storage Temperature for 6 months 0 to 35 (50% SOC)
Cooling Convection using thermal materials
Lifecycle @ Ambient 25°C ~2500
Deterioration in capacity over cycles at 25°C for 100% DOD and 0.5C 20% drop in initial capacity at the end of <2500 cycles. % drop in capacity at different part of the life shall be confirmed after simulation.
Cycle definition One complete charging and discharging is considered to be a cycle for the above.
Package Dimension (L x W x H) 645 X 505 X 300mm
IP Protection 67
Weight < 95 Kg
Specific energy 103 Wh / Kg
Standards I AIS-004, UN38.3, AIS-156, UL1642, IS 16893 Part 2& Part3
Protection – Overvoltage, Under-voltage
– Over-temperature (Charge and Discharge)
– Under-temperature (Charge and Discharge)
– Overcurrent (Charge and Discharge)
– External Short circuit Detection.
Battery pack orientation Up-right
Self-discharge rate < 3% SOC per month