Established in 2006, Greenfuel Energy Solutions is the leading manufacturer of components and system solutions provider for Alternative Gas Fuel Systems to the automotive industry in India.

Leading OEMs nationwide use our high-pressure components and fuel systems on their CNG Vehicles, with 6 out of 10 CNG passenger cars and 8 out of 10 CNG buses in India equipped with products supplied by Greenfuel. Our components and systems are validated through on-field usage, and are the only ones in the country to have satisfactorily proven themselves on more than 10,00,000 CNG vehicles which have cumulatively run more than 40 billion kms, thus establishing our leadership in the industry.

Committed to Green energy we are now empowering the future of e-Mobility in India and the global market, having developed and launched Lithium Ion Battery Packs, featuring original technology that has been meticulously developed and engineered in-house. We have led for multiple patents on the design of our Lithium Ion Battery Packs and have complete capabilities for Hardware Design, Embedded Software and Critical Safety Control.Our products feature extensive R&D and are proudly ‘Made In India’, tested and scalable, with least application development time for our customers.

The company has solidied its position in the clean mobility sector through strategic collaborations and alliances. Notably, Greenfuel initiated the supply of components to industry giants like Tata Motors and Maruti Suzuki, underscoring its role as a trusted partner in driving innovation and sustainability in the automotive industry.


Greenfuel Energy Solutions was awarded “The largest and most innovative Company for CNG vehicle components” by the Ministry of Road and Transport in the year 2014. In the following year, Greenfuel won the ‘Supplier of the Year Award’ from TATA Motors’ at the Vendor’s Meet. Greenfuel also won the ‘Technology Front Runner Award’ from ASSOCHAM India in 2019. In 2022 Greenfuel was awarded for ‘Superior Performance in the area of VA-VE’ by Maruti Suzuki.